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    Physics - What is SHAPE and Why Does it Define an Object?

    2 years ago

    Physics is the study of objects that exist. But what is an object? What is the only defining property that is intrinsic to all objects?

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    Law of Identity (A is A) is Contradictory

    2 years ago

    This article explains why the Law of Identity (A is A) is a contradictory concept which violates linguistics and concept ontology. It was rejected by scholars prior to its popularization by Leibniz.

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    What is a Scientific Definition?

    2 years ago

    What is a Scientific Definition? Do you even know?

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    DEBATE OpenAirAtheist (James Stillwell) vs Fatfist on ABSOLUTE TRUTH

    2 years ago

    OpenAirAtheist James Stillwell (I-Theist) attempts to argue for Absolute Truth. A cowboy comes to a gun fight without a gun. Choose your weapons wisely before arguing a topic your don't understand!

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    The Scientific Definition of LIFE

    2 years ago

    What is Life? This term has eluded Biologists, Philosophers and Theologians for over 5000 years. This article elucidates the unambiguous generic definition for all LIFE in the Universe.

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    OLBERS' PARADOX - Explanation for the Dark Night Sky

    2 years ago

    This article provides a physical explanation for WHY the night sky is dark. No magic, no irrationalities, no contradictions. Just a physical mechanism that answers Olbers' unanswered question!

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    Car Audio CAPACITORS: Why They DON'T Work

    5 months ago

    INTRODUCTION Many car audio fanatics will use a power capacitor as an alleged secondary, passive storage device to supply current to their amplifiers. The capacitor is advertized to act like a “supplemental...

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    What is Intelligence?

    2 years ago

    INTRODUCTION We’ve all heard of these popular claims: “We have limited intuition. Only God can understand everything.” “Collectively we know a trillionth of what there is to know... we...

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    The Ontology of Language: What is a CONCEPT?

    13 months ago

    Some people don't understand what a concept is, how it relates objects and why it's our fundamental unit of understanding. Without understanding the difference between objects and concepts, you won't understand how word...

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    LOGIC - Its Laws, Premises and LIMITATIONS

    2 years ago

    INTRODUCTION Atheists and theists alike have attributed much mysticism, fantasy, magical powers and God-like status to the word LOGIC. They have made it eternal, transcendent, absolute, incorporeal, omnipotent,...

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    LOGIC - The Law of IDENTITY Axiom (A=A) is NOT True

    2 years ago

    INTRODUCTION We hear this claim all the time: “The Law of Identity A=A is a self-evident truth. All of logic and existence depends on it. Without it, you wouldn’t exist, wouldn’t be able to...

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    What is LOGIC? Logic does NOT Provide PROOFS and TRUTHS!

    2 years ago

    INTRODUCTION We hear this assertion all the time: “Hey dude, logic is everything! All of existence depends on logic. Without logic, you wouldn’t exist, wouldn’t be able to think, wouldn’t be...

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    ABSOLUTE TRUTH: Is it Absolutely True there are NO Absolute Truths?

    2 years ago

    There are many people out there who have BLIND FAITH in an irrational concept known as “absolute truth”. These folks are positing the Positive Claim: that there is absolute truth. But, they have no rational...

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    VERITY - What is Truth?

    2 years ago

    INTRODUCTION This article exposes the Religion of Truth. You will understand why "truth" is the Hallmark of Religion. You will understand why the word TRUTH ultimately resolves to a synonym of the word...

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    DEBATE: Matt Slick vs Fatfist on LOGICAL ABSOLUTES

    2 years ago

    INTRODUCTION Matt Slick of carm.org is a Christian Apologist whose claim to fame is that no atheist on the planet has refuted his TAG Argument which proves the existence of God. His TAG argument asserts that Logical...

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    Physics: What is an Object?

    2 years ago

    What Is an Object? People often use the word “object” without having a clue what it means. Physics is the study of objects; real objects which are said to exist. Physics does not study something which...

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    Entropy Thermodynamics Creation - REFUTED

    2 years ago

    INTRODUCTION The Religions of “theism” and “atheism” are in total agreement with each other. They claim that the Universe is slated for a so-called “Heat Death”....the end of...

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    God Does NOT Exist - It is IMPOSSIBLE for a God to Exist

    14 months ago

    This article explains WHY it is IMPOSSIBLE for God to exist.

  • 288

    CREATION IS IMPOSSIBLE: First Cause is Impossible

    17 months ago

    INTRODUCTION THEISTS say that God is ‘the’ Uncaused First Cause for the creation of the Universe. ATHEISTS say that the Singularity is ‘the’ Uncaused First Cause for the creation of the...

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    CREATION is IMPOSSIBLE - Space, Matter & Motion are ETERNAL

    17 months ago

    How can God create from nothing? Does space have a BORDER? Can God peek inside the Universe? What is outside this supposed border? Have you put your BRAIN on today? INTRODUCTION This hub is a continuation of...

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    FIRST CAUSE Argument for Creation - REFUTED

    17 months ago

    Does anybody really understand that the Uncaused First Cause Argument violates the Law of Causality? Does anybody really know what are "causes" and "effects"? You'll be surprised to find out that...

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    INFINITE REGRESSION Argument for Creation - REFUTED

    2 years ago

    If there is no Infinite Regress, then HOW can God possibly be INFINITE?? Can the THEIST answer that? Does the Universe have borders that enclose you like a box? Ever wonder what is outside the box? Don't you think...

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    Leibnizian & Kalam Cosmological Argument REFUTED - William-Lane Craig

    17 months ago

    The Universe is eternal. Matter & space cannot be created or destroyed. To assert a theory of a beginning, under any context....is an ONTOLOGICAL CONTRADICTION and completely IMPOSSIBLE!

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    Relativity - Mass Increase is a FRAUD

    8 months ago

    In this hub we will investigate the ridiculous claim made by Relativity’s Mass Increase Theory: “The MASS of an object INCREASES as the object moves faster and faster up to near-c speeds.” ...

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    Relativity - Length Contraction is a FRAUD

    8 months ago

    In this hub, we will investigate some of the ridiculous claims made by Relativity’s Length Contraction Theory, such as: “The DISTANCE between two objects CONTRACTS (shrinks), when a particle such a muon,...

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    Big Bang: The BIG LIE!!

    17 months ago


  • 272

    Big Bang: The Universe is NOT Expanding

    17 months ago

    Here is a picture of ME after a hard days work. As you can see, my jeans have EXPANDED! EXPANSION: WHAT IS THAT BLACK STUFF?? AND WHAT IS THE "EDGE" OF THE BUBBLE MADE FROM...BRICKS? STEEL? PLASTIC? ...

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    There are NO Absolutes. There is NO Absolute Truth!

    6 months ago

    INTRODUCTION Some people may be surprised to discover tons of self-professed Messiahs of Philosophy on the Internet, especially on YouTube. What is not surprising is that almost none of them have bothered to educate...

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